Which Material to Use for Custom Floor Graphics?

Get the Right Material for Die Cut Floor Graphics

Floor decals consist of a base material (which shows the floor graphics) and a scratch resistant vinyl over-laminate. The base material element features adhesive (with a removable liner) on one side and the print surface or graphics on the other side. The over laminate protects the floor graphics with a scuff resistant vinyl and provides additional options of regular non-skid gloss or velvet embossed non-skid gloss. The scuff resistant vinyl or SRV over-laminate has various thicknesses for your particular floor decal needs: 4 mil, 6 mil, and 7 mil.

The printer of the floor graphics must use the same manufacturer for both the print-on material and over-laminate for legal purposes. After the floor graphics printing process, the printer gives the printed material to a converter like Converting Solutions. At that time, the printer ensures legal purposes are met by providing Converting Solutions the spec sheet (or part number) of laminate and the name of the print-on material manufacturer.

Floor graphics serve many purposes such as directing customer traffic, attracting customers attention, and as in-store advertising or promotions. There are endless location opportunities to use floor graphics such as at retail stores, museums, sports arenas, trade shows, movie theaters, etc. Basketball floor graphics can get very large and should be installed by an expert floor graphic install team.

Today, floor graphics are being used in instances that work in conjunction with real time actors. Imagine a floor graphic that is made to look 3D (either by the graphics themselves or use of lenticular.) Then real life “actors” are placed as if they are an extension of the graphic, or passersby are to feel as if they are stepping into an otherworldly place. Inspiration for 3D floor decals can be found in a lot of sidewalk art applications.


Image courtesy of 11even                     Image courtesy of Mighty Optical Illusions                                   Image courtesy of  Bizarre Bin

Converting Solutions ensures your retail ready needs are met by adding the option of fulfillment services. If you need assurance of color, die cut accuracy, precise laminate application, and arrival of the floor decals on time and intact at each retail location, then call Converting Solutions. We specialize in ensuring brand managers, marketing agencies, facility directors, and event planners are confident on the arrival of on spec POP.


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