Upgrade Your Marketing With Tipping, Attaching, Affixing, or Magna Stripping!

Including tangible “extras” in your direct mailing, brochure, or marketing packet can persuade your audience to engage with your product. Through a variety of tipping and gluing techniques, you can adhere a variety of marketing, packets, or forms to a paper substrate.


  • Pharmaceutical Inserts
  • Terms and Conditions Pieces
  • Printed Signatures for Binding

Basic tipping involves taking two substrates and making them one unit with the application of an adhesive. Tipping works well with light weight inserts and “extras”, and helps make any brochure or informational packet stay cohesive and stand out.


  • Cosmetics Product Samples
  • Medicine Packets
  • Foiled or Overwrapped Products
  • Magnets
  • Door Hangers

Attaching is designed for adhering bulkier attachments to a media piece, and helps to keep any small gifts or samples secure, and works the best for marketing cosmetics, perfumes, medicines, or other irregularly shaped items.


  • Faux Credit Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Insurance Cards
  • Rewards Cards
  • Gift Cards

We use Affixing for gluing any sort of card into an interactive marketing piece, designed specifically to elicit a response from the receiver. If you’re looking to bring in extra shoppers to your store, sign up customers for a line of credit, or introduce yourself professionally, affixing is the process for you!

Magna Stripping

  • Booklets or Guides
  • Product Samples
  • Return Envelopes
  • Registration Forms
  • Brochures
  • Maps

Magna Stripping is an adhesion process specifically for magazines. To provide product samples, additional literature, or registration forms in a catalogue, menu, or magazine, Magna Stripping allows your reader to safely remove any “extras” without damaging the pages or binding.

For more information on what tipping and gluing techniques can do for you, contact CSI via our chat box or Contact portal, and get started on going the extra mile for your customers!


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