Thermal Laminate: Because Buying Decisions Are Made At the Shelf

When the average brand has approximately seven seconds to make a positive and memorable impression on a potential customer shopping in a retail establishment, packaging is paramount. In those seven seconds, the consumer must find the product labeling attractive, functional, and explicit in its description of the product itself, or else they will move on to a competing option that better speaks to their aesthetic preferences and needs. In this increasingly competitive retail market, Thermal Laminate allows converters to develop superior product labeling and packaging designs that hold up against consumer scrutiny.

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Marketing Benefits of Thermal Laminate

We know that persuasive tangible marketing is one of the primary forces behind consumer buying habits, because 70 to 80% of purchasing decisions are made in store once the consumer is able to see and touch the product for themselves. That means that even with the ability to conduct research online before visiting a brick and mortar store, most shoppers still rely heavily on the look of the product on the shelf when making their final decision.

With this in mind, it’s clear as to why converting technology like Thermal Laminate is so valuable to tangible marketing designers and producers. Various laminates can mimic different textures like metal, cloth, leather, or wood grain, and come in flashy holographic or high-gloss finishes. Thermal laminates can also be combined for unique effects that stand out and connect with consumers. BOPP based laminates even come in a wide variety of matte and gloss textures, each with a different purpose or aesthetic feel. With so many options, designers, marketers, and printers have virtually limitless creative license when coming up with innovative and compelling marketing that will harness a larger share of the consumer product market.

Thermal Laminate Protects As Much As It Sells Your Product

At Converting Solutions, we appreciate thermal laminate technology for more than just its aesthetic benefits. A sizeable chunk of marketing budgets are dedicated to choosing compelling colors and designs, and thermal laminates protect that investment by preserving the quality inks used in marketing materials and packaging often exposed to the elements. Satin and matte formulations are also functional options for reducing glare, while a gloss laminates will enhance colors as well as protecting them.

Not only does thermal laminate protect inks and substrates, but use of metallized laminates can also be printed on after lamination to create the effect needed to stand out. Additionally, due to the weathering transportation often inflicts on packaging and marketing materials, one of the most functional elements of Thermal Laminates are their rigidity and scuff resistant benefits. The most cutting edge formulations are strong enough to significantly reduce waste and lost revenue from product damage while in transport, making them a no brainer for brands looking to stay competitive.

Overall, Thermal laminates are cost-effective, creative, and functional coatings that can make all the difference on a shelf filled with competing products.

We’re Turning Up The Heat

We want all of our customers to have access to the highest quality packaging and tangible marketing solutions, which is why we’re making Thermal Laminates more affordable this winter. The following promotion is available for a limited time:

  • 10% Discount from the CSI quoted price for all Thermal Clear, Matte or Satin Laminates on 28" x 40" sheets or smaller, printed with Conventional Inks. Maximum discount of $500.
  • All orders over $1,000.00 (US) will also receive free delivery within a 75 mile radius of Kenosha, WI.
  • Purchase Orders must be received between January 16, 2018 to February 23, 2018.

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