Specialty Inks and Coatings Upgraded with Sakurai 102DX

Over the years, CSI has listened and responded to the feedback of our customers. In addition to our large format screen capabilities, we have again responded to your requests for smaller format screen projects where price was previously counterproductive on the large format press.

CSI is happy to announce the purchase and installation of a Sakurai 102DX screen press to accommodate those requests. We now have the capability to process items like coupons, lottery tickets, convenience and safety products etc.. These formats are typically printed on smaller sheet sizes and processed on a fully automatic screen press.

New Year, New Capacity

What makes the Sakurai 102DX different from previous models is primarily its size. The smaller model is specifically designed to create multiple small-sized products in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Machine specs and capacities for the Sakurai 102DX are as follows:

Max. Sheet Size 40 .25 x 28.375
Min. Sheet Size 22.124 x 14.625
Maximum Print Area 40.25 x 27.625
Mechanical Speed 900 -3300 IPH
Printable Thickness .003 to .0031

For those of you who have been looking for an option to create smaller sized mailers, tickets, or marketing collateral with the same variety and quality of the specialty inks and coatings offered by CSI, the Sakurai 102DX is the answer. From business cards to coasters, this machine will keep you on budget, and your product will stand out from the rest.

What Specialty Inks and Coatings Can Do for You

In case you need a refresher on the kinds of specialty inks and coatings you can utilize with the Sakurai 201DX, here’s what CSI can offer you:

UV Coatings

  • Spot Coating
  • Adhesive Pattern coating
  • Gloss UV Coating
  • Matte UV Coating
  • Raised UV Coating
  • Textured UV Coating
  • Glitter UV Coating

Custom Scratch Coatings

  • Gold
  • Silver

Scratch and Sniff Varnishes

  • Herbs
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables and plants
  • Wood

There are many coating options with their own features and benefits, including abrasion resistance, vibrant color, smudge proof and environmentally friendly qualities, scratch coatings for hidden coupon codes, etc.. Scratch and Sniff coatings have been known to make fun stickers and labeling. No matter what your small-size specialty coating dreams are, CSI will help you design a solution with the Sakurai 102DX.

For more information on the Sakurai 102DX, or any of the specialty inks and coatings currently offered at CSI, contact our team and get the creative process started.



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