Not All Boxes Are Created Equal

Trying to think outside the box this month when it comes to utilizing creative P.O.P. and tangible marketing? Usually, CSI is ecstatic about designing more than just a box for our customers. However, thinking creatively doesn’t necessarily mean having to reinvent the wheel when seeking out converting services. Sometimes, taking a concept as basic as a box and using it in a different way will do the job.

Basic Can Be Better

Instead of a flat, easy-to-miss sell-sheets that display your products and services, using a compelling 3D object to tell your story on each side can help you stay memorable. Business cards, signs, and posters are everywhere, and it’s easy for customers to pass them by or lose them. Using one of our mini 3"x3"x3" boxes, which ships flat, and pops up into shape almost instantly, can work as a unique alternative and even turn your marketing materials into a fun gift.

Make Even ‘Basic’ P.O.P. Pop

Customers are more likely to remember a ‘shiny object’ than they are a flat piece of marketing. When designing a 3D piece, be sure to get your creative juices flowing, as the shape alone won’t always draw your customers in. Thankfully, the simplicity of design doesn’t stop you from going hog wild with glittery or holographic laminates, coatings, and colors when designing your piece of 3D marketing with CSI. Whether your design in bright and loud, or sleek and sophisticated, 3D P.O.P. will get your message out there.

There are a thousand unique applications for a simple, small box. The more creative you are in how you use them to display your P.O.P. marketing materials, the more effective they will be. So this month, don’t judge a box by its cover…instead, design a better cover and see how innovative your marketing can look!

Watch the video below:

For questions about our new 3"x3"x3", ship flat, pop up boxes, contact us or chat with us directly via our live chat option.


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