Market to Hipsters With Dry Erase Signage

Market to ‘Hipsters’ With Dry Erase Signage

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Millennials are known for their love of craft beer, rustic-chic décor, mustaches, and quirky messaging, things which marketers of all ages have picked up on. Businesses seeking to claim a piece of the sizeable ‘hipster’ market are incorporating such details into their products, taglines, retail signage, and even food and beverage labeling. However, marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be intimidating. Starting with simple hand-written detailing on signs and displays can give your storefront or café a more Generation Y appeal.

Write On Wipe Off Signage

Hand written and changeable signs have become commonplace for retail establishments that cater to millennials. Many pubs and restaurants now display write on/wipe off signage that allows them to incorporate catchy puns designed to snag the eye of a meandering twenty-something. Sometimes this takes the form of chalkboards, or for a more durable option, changeable marquee signs that can stand up to inclement weather. However, if messy chalk or dated-looking marquee signs aren’t a good fit for your business, you still have another option for creating fun, ever-changing marketing signage.

Dry Erase Laminate Message Boards

dry erase laminate

Dry erase signage also allows businesses to incorporate hipster marketing trends for a personal, ‘mom ‘n pop’ feel at their brick and mortar shops and restaurants. In a modern era rife with takeout dinners and online shopping, creating a unique retail setting is a powerful means of pulling experience-driven millennials away from Netflix and into your establishment. Though some DYI their laminate signs, we recommend working with a converting company for a more durable, professional option. For custom write on/wipe off laminate signage, CSI offers a premium quality copolymer adhesive on a high quality high gloss polypropylene base film called OPP Glossy. OPP Glossy can be applied to any sign, even printed ones, for write on/wipe off capability. Our dry erase products are available in either standard or hardcoat versions. The hardcoat is guaranteed not to result in any ghosting when used as directed to keep your signs looking fresh drawn after multiple applications of your original artistry.

Menus and message boards aren’t the only applications for dry erase laminate signage. The possibilities include:

  • reusable presentation boards
  • schedules
  • vacation planners
  • maps
  • and even courtroom displays

However, if you’re still feeling lost on how to utilize dry-erase laminate in your next marketing reboot, contact us and we’ll help get you started!


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