Magnet Specifications:

Stock: 8 pt C1S cover minimum
Sheet sizes: 12x18, 20x28, 28x40
Type of print: Offset, UV, Digital
Bleeds:1/8" all around images and 1/2" other 3 sides from edge of sheet to print



Magnets are a popular item. We manufacture small to large magnets commonly used for magnetic receptive menu boards. The advantages of our process is the ability to apply our own adhesives to the magnet. This process eliminates the need for expensive P/S film and release liners, and eliminates filling up trash cans with waste.

Get custom sized and die cut magnets, which are great for promotional items, or using in a retail environment. Think of magnets with your logo, sign magnets, menu boards, window mats, save-a-date, school calendars, magnetic signs or display boards, etc.

Easy magnet ordering, quick turnaround time within 3 to 6 days (not including shipping.) Send us an email for a quote, or use the magnets quote form.

Common types of Magnets

Custom Magnets - Ask for custom magnets if you're looking for someone to take your supplied art file and handle the rest. Send us an email, or fill out the quote request form, and we will handle the rest.

Business Card Magnets - Business card magnets are a simple and cost effective format to circulate your company or school name.

Calendar Magnets - You see these everywhere. This is often a great way to advertise your company and brand. Calendar magnets are a great promotional piece that usually remain in use versus in someone's trash bin.

Event Schedule Magnets - Remind people of upcoming events with event scheduling magnets. Think of doctor appointments, or life events such as getting married, high school graduation party, etc.

Picture Frame Magnets - Cherish that memory by putting that special picture behind a custom frame magnet of your choice.

Specialty Applications for Magnets

Magnet Finishing Services

  • Collating
  • Chipboard backer inserts
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Magnet tipping

Magnet Printer Specifications

Sheet sizes: 12x18, 20x28, 28x40

Stock: 8 pt C1S cover minimum

Type of print: Offset, UV, Digital

Bleeds: 1/8" all around images and 1/2" other 3 sides from edge of sheet to print



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