Mounting Specifications:

Stock/Gauge: 80# CIS Litho to 24pt C1S, to 3/16" Fomecore, Styrene, Sintra, Plasticore, PET, B,E,C,N Flute, Chip Board

Sheet Size: Minimum 8.5" x 11" ; Maximum 59" x 78"

Litho Mounting

What is Litho Mounting?

Litho mounting is basically taking two substrates and mounting them back to back with an adhesive. At Converting Solutions, we take your printed graphics and turn it into a dimensional retail ready item with foam core mounting, among other versatile substrates. 

Litho Mounting is Great for Temporary Retail Displays

Litho mounting finishes your printed piece by mounting your graphics to a material such as corrugated cardboard, foam core, gator board, etc. Many temporary retail displays use litho mounting techniques to properly display products, or to produce eye catching results. Large temporary P-O-P displays at movie theaters are a great example of some dimensional features available today, especially with foam core mounting techniques. You can even add moving elements, 3D features, embossing, die cutting, foil stamping, lenticular, etc.

Foam Core Litho Mounting

Litho Mounting Turns Boring Cardboard Boxes into Visual Impact

Litho mounting is the preferred choice on very graphic intensive retail packaging or custom printed boxes. A visually attractive retail package can serve as your customer's first experience with your product, so visual impact is key. Erase the look of a plain old box, and turn your packaging into a high-end, sophisticated, visually striking look and feel. Corrugated cardboard is turned from boring to a featured marketing piece, that can be used in areas like a pallet display, with durability and ability to protect. Currently, the e flute and the n flute corrugated boards are popular.

Adhesive Application with Litho Mounting

One of the specialty services at Converting Solutions is adhesive application. This is especially useful in litho mounting instances where spot adhesive application is necessary. Converting Solutions can be as intricate as you like with attention by eye and hand during the adhesion process. Some popular adhesion applications result in the creation of mouse pads, aisle directories, base wraps, standees, danglers, wobblers, pre-pack displays, etc.

Visit the specifications page for specific litho mounting project requirements.

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