Lenticular 3D Production

Morph, Motion, 3D, Zoom, and Flip - Lenticular brings images to life.


What is lenticular process?

Lenticular printing and packaging uses a special technology of lenticular lenses and paper in a multi-step process. The process requires images, which will be combined with a lenticular lens. Show a set of images, or create a series of images to show motion. The lenticular print process is performed either by printing to a substrate and laminating to the lens, or printing to the backside of the lens.

Converting Solutions specializes in various adhesive applications, which are very valuable to the lenticular process. We have an extensive choice of options for your next promotional, retail, or POP need. The lenticular process can be applied to magnets, mouse pads, counter mats, counter cards, DVD tip ons, molded cup applications, etc.

I want to make my idea into 3D with motion. What is my next step?

Call or email Converting Solutions, and we'll help provide the necessary direction. We are your single source solution from print sourcing, to finishing, including fulfillment.

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