Laminating Specifications:

Options: 1 or 2 sides, sealed edge, flush cut, hinged lamination

Stock/Gauge: 80# text to 24pt
Film: 2-sided (flush cut or sealed edge) 1.7mil to 10mil thermal films
Sheet Size: Minimum 6" x 6" ; Maximum 30" x 40"

Stock/Gauge: 80# text to 30pt
Film: 1-sided 1.2mil to 3.0mil thermal films
Sheet Size: Minimum 8.5" x 11" ; Maximum 44" x 56"

Stock/Gauge: 80# C1S to 1"
Film: 1-sided/2-sided (Thermal or P/S films)
Sheet Size: Maximum 62" x any length

litho laminated

large format laminating

litho laminated

Custom Laminating Services


Litho Laminated Protection

Litho lamination can provide you benefits that help improve material strength, weather protection, stability, and add an enhanced appearance to the printed material. Other added benefits to a laminating finish include: protection from creasing, staining, fading, water damage, or markings to the original substrate by dirt or fingerprints. This is especially useful for laminated cardboard that's printed with graphics.

Functionality with Laminated Magnetic Material

You can add functionality with cardboard laminates as well. Special magnetic laminating material can add magnetism capability to your promotional piece. These custom magnetic lamination composites are perfect for items such as bulletin boards or menu boards. You can add the ability to use specialty formulated films for applications requiring dry erase with lamination, too.

Create Lenticular Visual Effects with Litho Laminated Finishing

A lenticular laminated technique can create holographic imagery and other visual effects with metalized and holographic films. Lenticular finishing is eye catching for anything from promotional cups to counter mat displays to large POP displays. Lenticular lamination often requires a specialty formulated barrier laminating film for opacity and second surface printing.

Hinge Laminating

Converting Solutions specializes in hinge laminating (see map example.) If you need your large format or standard laminating piece to fold, you can be sure the finished piece will lie flat and open / close easily.

Customized Small to Large Format Laminating Finishing Services

You often require enhanced laminating finishing services such as die cuttinghole punching, eyelets, shrink-wrapping, tipping, etc. All of these and more are available for your small to large format laminating production pieces.


A key finishing service that sets Converting Solutions apart is adhesive application. We have the ability to apply our own adhesive sets to a varying array of substrates. Our process saves time and money when compared to other finishers. This is especially useful for magnet and lenticular lamination production finishing.

Receive project requirement details at the specifications page for your laminating project.

We have a variety of laminates in stock for when you're in a bind. Call, chat, or email Converting Solutions to either plan your project or you need something ASAP.

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