How to Select Specialty Coatings

Coatings Like UV Ink or Custom Scratch Off

There are many different types of specialty coatings to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for your marketing piece? Converting Solutions can help you find the right specialty coatings to fit your end result. Here are some tips to familiarize yourself with the types of specialty coatings available. The following introduces UV ink and scratch cards.

UV Ink Specialty Coatings

UV ink (ultraviolet ink) is a category of many options for specialty coatings. UV ink is typically applied to the printed side of a sheet and cured using ultraviolet light. The process can either be run in-line during the printing process, or off-line on a special UV coating machine. The coverage can be as much as a flood coat, which covers the entire substrate, or as a spot coat, which coats selective areas.

You can choose from many UV coatings. Some of the more popular specialty coatings for UV are:

  • Gloss UV Coating
  • Matte UV Coating
  • Raised UV Coating
  • Textured UV Coating
  • Glitter UV Coating
  • Grit UV Coating
  • Soft Touch UV Coating

Ultraviolet print coatings have several advantages over other print specialty coating methods (like varnish or aqueous coating.)

Here are a few use advantages of UV coating on printed materials:

  • If sending a direct mail than abrasion resistance can serve well to protect the printed piece
  • Achieve a high gloss (or matte) finish
  • Make your printed piece pop with vibrancy and clarity
  • Inks are often environmentally friendly
  • Coating is instantly cured with the use of UV lights for smudge prevention

Custom Scratch Specialty Coatings

Most of you have experienced the scratch off specialty coating while scraping away a layer to reveal a surprise offer, or hidden message, or to hopefully match winning cherries on a lottery ticket.

This specialty print coating, which is available in either a silver or gold scratch off finish, is typically used for games such as the Lottery, to hide the winning ticket. Other uses for scratch off reveal coating are in magazine inserts, to hide security codes on gift cards, and direct mail offers. The custom scratch finish can be applied to paper or plastic substrates. If you want to enhance the custom scratch finish, the scratch off coating can be overprinted with an additional message.



Scratch and Sniff Specialty Coatings

Scratch and sniff is a print specialty coating that releases a scent when the ink is rubbed. Scent is a very powerful element to connect with your customers. Introduce your customers to the smell of your product, or remind them of good memories with a subtle scratch scent. Some people claim that Canadian money smells like syrup! By appealing to your customers’ different senses, scratch and sniff coating gives your product an element of surprise. How many of you still have a scratch and sniff sticker book from your childhood?

Scratch and sniff inks and varnishes are available in a variety of scent categories:

  • Herbs
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables and plants
  • Wood
  • And Much More

Each of these specialty coatings will bring your products to life in a different way. They will help make your marketing piece stand apart from others because each specialty coating is unique. For more information on how to choose the perfect specialty coating for you, contact Converting Solutions.


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