How to Choose Paper Stock for Your Design

Your Paper Stock Choice Should Enhance Your Design

Have you ever crafted the perfect design, to have it fall dull on print? Was it the Printer? Was it the finish? Possibly. But more likely it was the substrate choice. When developing designs for printed material, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is: “What substrate is it going to be printed on?”

The substrate plays an integral role to the turnout of your design reflected on print. On a high definition computer monitor, it may look vibrant and perfect to your eye, but on the wrong paper stock you're left with a dull, flat and boring waste of your efforts.

Choosing the substrate first will also allow a vendor to give insights on your design approach and any additional finishing services that may be required or recommended. Converting Solutions utilizes this information to help you choose the right substrate for your point of purchase application. Anyone can pick a random stock, but is it being used efficiently and effectively?

Before you start your next design, call the experts at Converting Solutions, they will guide you through the choices and process. We have the knowledge to know how your design ideas are going to interact with different paper stocks. Don't let your next work of art die on print, let it live on the right substrate.

Below is a link to download an in-depth article that demonstrates the difference between C1S and C2S label paper stocks.


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