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Fearless Approach to Your Print Finishing Needs

Once the design and print work is complete, we put on the finishing touches to create a full piece that is eye catching and stops traffic. Here are some of the main print finishing features, though we can source and develop anything that you need. One of our big features is inspection by eye and hand, with the finest of details being completed by hand.

Some projects require a little extra boldness, and that's the kind of work we thrive on. Whether your design needs large format precision die cutting, litho mounting, unique coatings, exotic board grades, or specialty gluing, we're not afraid to take it on. If you've been told "no" in the past, we want to work with you. Period.

Converting Solutions can provide insights from development to getting your tangible marketing pieces at the right place at the right time. Ask about our fulfillment, assembly, packing and drop ship services. 

By Eye and Hand Finer Details

Full Retail Ready Solutions  Full Retail Ready Solutions  Full Retail Ready Solutions

Old school hand assembly ensures quality control better than machines can. Human hands shrink wrap, hand tape and count every component of your order because only people can add that extra personal touch. Our special pack outs include kit packing and instructional inserts to both protect your product and make assembly easier for you. Each of your production pieces are handled by multiple eyes and hands, each ensuring you get the specifications needed for completion.

Converting Solutions can give your printed graphics structure and get your finished pieces to the destination.

Do you need any of these items that are small, but very important to the functionality of your piece?

  • Folding and Gluing
  • Automatic Taping
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Round Cornering
  • Drilling and Collating
  • Brass or Nickel Eyeletting
  • Trimming
  • Fulfillment

Design & Print

Converting Solutions can work with your printer of choice or handle the entire project from print to finish. Design and sample consultation available upon request.


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