Die Cutting Specifications:

Stock/Gauge: 100# text to 36pt
Sheet Size: Minimum 13.875" x 19.75" Maximum 36.25" x 49.5"

Stock/Gauge: 80# to 24pt
Sheet Size: Minimum 2" x 6" Maximum 30" x 40"

Stock/Gauge: 80# C1S to 3/16"
Sheet Size: Minimum 2" x 40" Maximum 58.5" x 78.5"

Stock/Gauge: .024 to .43
Sheet Size: Minimum 20" x 28" Maximum 98" x 66"

Stock/Gauge: 1" thickness and up to 3" on foam type materials
Sheet Size: Maximum 63" x 123"
Die Cut Area: 60" x 120"

Custom Die Cutting Print Finishing

Get Cutting With CSI

CSI has offered die-cutting converting services since we first opened in 2000, with the purchase of our very first 28 x 41 clam shell press. Only five years later, we acquired a second model (66 x 98) to service larger jobs where an automated press just wouldn’t cut it (pun intended). Since then, our die cutting capabilities have allowed to execute unique P.O.P. marketing for our customers.

Whatever the substrate, size, or shape, CSI will find a way to get to the job done. We always look forward to a challenge. And die cutting is just one piece of the puzzle. Don’t farm out your project to multiple companies, each with their own timelines and profit margins. We take your project and complete it to perfection. Complex gluing job? Done. Need it mounted? Complete. Specialty lamination? No problem. We’re your one stop shop for all your big ideas.

Always Innovating

Stay tuned for future developments in CSI’s die cutting offerings! We just might have some new innovations coming to you soon. For any additional information on die cutting with CSI, connect directly with us through our chat box!

Get Eye Catching Results with Large Custom Die Cut Printing

Custom die cut printing can help gain eye catching results. Many substrate options exist to get the marketing attention you need from custom die cut vinyl decals to window decals to hang tags. Die cut magnets are still a popular item, while die cut cardboard displays is growing in popularity, especially for consumer packaging applications.

Our die cutting machines are ready for your big marketing ideas with the ability to die cut large intricate shapes up to 63" x 123". Imagine how die cut cardboard can give your POP displays, and other retail signage eye catching results.

A few more of the popular die cut printing items include: custom standees, window decals, coasters, mouse pads, advent calendars, pegboard displays, counter cards, danglers, floor graphics, aisle violators, menu boards, magnets, retail ready packaging, hang tags, and cardboard boxes. Custom die cutting is especially ideal for small or intricate vinyl decals, paper, or postcards.

Use a die cutting finishing service to produce unique custom cardboard packaging, lenticular 3-D displays, POP items, window decals, or a pocket folder that will be saved from the garbage bin.

Our finishing service can provide custom die cutting in materials such as paper, or vinyl synthetics, for pieces as small as 1.5" by 1.5", or cr80 (credit card size) and up to 11" by 11".

What is High Die Cutting?

High die cutting does not show any bumps or nicks, so the custom die cutting process is perfect for smaller pieces that will be handled, or seen closeup by your retail shopper customers.

Dress Up Boring Pegboards with Diecut Pegboard Paper Graphics

pegboard display graphics

Use valuable pegboard POP fixture space for retail signage opportunities and adding pop to your product. Pegboard paper graphics are perforated die cut paper overlays that attach to your pegboard display. Keep consumers visually engaged with pegboard paper graphics that can complement your marketing campaigns, provide visual cues, and are easy to update. You will receive pre-punched holes and a perforated option to modify sizing at your retail
environment. No longer replace the pegboard, just replace the pegboard paper graphics.

See the Specifications page for sheet and stock size requirements for Die Cutting Services.

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