Counter Mat Options

Point-of-purchase special offers, brand awareness...many promotional opportunities exist with the use of counter mats.

A Counter Mat is a popular form of marketing that keeps your promotional features front and center for all customers to view. Counter Mats can be seen at every retail and wholesale level, such as grocery stores, automotive, restaurants, etc.

We have produced over a million counter mats for customers who understand the importance of impact “Point of Purchase” promotion that isn't filed in a cabinet, or tossed in the recycling bin. A counter mats return on investment has proven to be a medium that far exceeds many other forms of advertising.

Counter Mat Advantages:

  • Get Impulse Sales
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Promote Upcoming Sales and Events
  • Feature Products and Services
  • Easy Change
  • Durability

Some popular finishing options include:

  • Easy change out with magnets⎼great for frequently changing information
  • Soft rubber backing⎼for delicate items such as glasses
  • Multiple construction options, including Lenticular⎼eye catching 3D graphics with changeable messaging

Counter Mats. Simple ROI. Start Getting a Return. Contact Converting Solutions.


Counter Mat Example Options:

Pocket Insert

A pocket insert counter mat allows for quick and repetitive change of graphics and message.

We also have Pocket Counter Mats!

Pocket mats


A magnetic counter mat has magnetic strips on three (3) sides of the counter mat to easily change out and secure the insert. Another option is to add a magnetic backing, if you would like to attach the counter mat to a magnetic surface.

Second-Surface Printing

Second-surface printing is great for protection from abrasion, chemicals, or fading, when your message needs to withstand time and use. The printed image is reversed and printed on the backside (second-surface) of a clear substrate, and then the viewer sees the protected image from the front side.


Consider second-surface printing, certain types of rubber backing, and scratch resistant materials for ultimate durability.


Pocket insert counter mats and magnetic counter mats offer easy-to-change options.

Water Resistance

Consider second-surface printing and lenticular options for water resistance.

Window Shapes

Try circles, silhouettes, and other shapes to break up the traditional square and rectangle window areas for counter mats.


If you have to ship a lot of counter mats than ultra-thin may be a good option to reduce shipping cost. This provides a near flush option with the countertop. The ultra-thin option can also be used for signs and window stickers.

Rubber Backing

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Scratch Resistance

Counter mats by nature should generally be scratch resistant, but we have options to ensure they are as scratch resistant as you need.


Various adhesive options are available to add permanence to the counter mat.


Lenticular gives the printed image movement or a 3D effect.


The counter mat can have a rubber or adhesive backing for attachment to the surface area. We can consult the best option for you based on the traffic use needs.


If you have an idea, let’s talk.



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