Converting for an In-Flight Art Gallery

Talking about examples of converting is difficult, because the possibilities are practically endless. Every now and then, a particularly unique project comes our way that gives Converting Solutions an opportunity to really show our customers how creative they can get with converting technology. Thanks to Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, a recent project turning a 767 airplane into an in-flight art-gallery helped us do just that.

What’s An In-Flight Art Gallery?

Don’t worry, before this project, we’d never heard of one either. What Coke and Delta wanted from us and our client Brand Marketing was to find a way to turn airline trays into art. They chose twelve different professional artists to create works of art representing some of Delta’s most popular destinations: Amsterdam, Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York City, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.1 The themes were optimism, refreshment, travel, and happiness. It was our job to then take those finished works of art and find a way to transfer them onto airline trays for travelers to view during their flight.

Converting Artwork into Airline Trays

The converting process for this project had several steps. The job required lots of collaboration and communication with our client, in order to choose the right materials, coatings, adhesives, and logistics strategy. We ended up choosing a printable vinyl with a custom adhesive for airline trays in order to adhere a printed version of the artwork to the trays. Converting Solutions worked with original art samples in order to match colors as closely as possible, and size the finished products appropriately. From there, we provided an outline to our customer for art files drop alignment.

After all that preliminary work, then came the manufacturing process itself, which involved:

  • Sourcing digital format print
  • Applying bio-lamination for indirect food contact
  • Die cutting individual tray applications

Once each piece of tray artwork was complete, it was custom packed and shipped to various locations, to eventually be installed on the tray’s of Delta’s 767. Today, the original artwork can be viewed at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

We’re always excited for unique opportunities like this one to do something truly creative with converting technology, and we were able to help spread professional artwork to more of Delta’s many fliers in the process. For more information on creating all kinds of customizable products with printable vinyl, shoot us a message through our Contacts page.



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