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Are your plans too big for the status quo? Then get ready to throw your inhibitions out the window. At Converting Solutions, the only thing we fear is the average, the mediocre. Thoughtful customization to your design, budget, or deadline without sacrificing that “it” factor is what this company takes pride in. Passion. Collaboration. And a little chutzpah. That’s how you break new ground.

It’s about time you envisioned strategies with Converting Solutions.

When you’re looking for production of tangible marketing items that are more ahead of the curve than the leading converting companies, you need a team of people that can both construct a box and work outside of one. From high quality print, laminating services, finishing, and die cutting projects, to 3D point of purchase (POP) displays, and holograms, we work with you to construct a concept that puts your idea at the front.


Fear Mediocrity.

Here is a local southeastern Wisconsin company that services national clients. A place to produce your POP materials, product packaging, and signage, with the use of advanced equipment that helps us pass on more savings to you than our competitors.

Get your counter mats, cardboard displays, produced with applications like lenticular, holograms, and intricate laminating from a team with 30+ years of print related experience. This is where experience gets you the ability to accomplish different. Otherwise, we’re just bored.

We involve real people where human hands matter the most in bringing your ideas into the real world with laminating, mounting, or custom die cutting. That’s why we’re considered the top company for custom adhesive applications.

If you’re still unconvinced, check out some of the organizations that vouch for us. They have more than validated our image of professionalism, quality, and bold approach in design.



Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere. – Einstein

Design with no limits. Once you have a simple to wild idea, call CSI. We’ll provide solutions and insights to tangible marketing projects and make your ideas come to life. We embrace the complex and will make your production start to finish a fluid and logical process. If it’s just a box, it will be the best box you can get.

Visit IDEAS to get your design inspiration started.

Custom Products

For when you’re in need of everything including, but not limited to, the kitchen sink. Whether it’s dangling ceiling retail signage, lenticular applications, customized magnets, mouse pads or counter mats or whatever else you can come up with to make an impression on your next customer, feel free to go big. Unconventional even. We’d love to help you leave your mark.

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